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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add Acro to my guild?

  • Go to this link.
  • Select the Server you want Acro to go in.
  • Select it and after scroll down and click the Authorize button.
  • You're done! Acro should now be in your guild.

Where can I report & suggest something?
Join the support server and and go to the #support-suggestions channel.

How can I get started?
When you first invite Acro to your guild you can start by running If you would like to change the prefix you can always run Acro.prefix [prefix]

Where can I view all the commands Acro has?
You can view them via discord by running the help command, with this command comes the arguments of [category] and [command] which can be used to be more specific. You can also view the commands on the commands page.

What is Acro made in?
Acro was made in javascript while using the discord.js library.

Is there a way to email the developers?
You can email the support team at


There are currently no guides. Want to suggest a guide? Join the support server.

Latest Updates

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